The 'People vs. OJ Simpson' takes on the hot take.

Over at Gradient, I wrote about the incredible FX drama, The People vs. OJ Simpson. I focused on the show's clever revisiting of the hacky narratives about key players in the trial. 

ACS: OJ revisits all the major players you loved, hated, and gawked at. For those old enough to remember the OJ Simpson trial, Murphy and his cast capture the emotions viewers of a certain age felt when the trial captured America’s attention. You’re grieved when listening to Nicole’s daughter’s desperate plea to hear her mother’s voice, trapped on a tragic voicemail. You debated the boundaries of Marcia Clark and Darden’s friendship, marveled at Rob Kardashian’s uncanny faith (both in God and in OJ), and, yes, relived the nationally televised car chase in the white Bronco. Reviving those memories makes for a good, fun, serialized romp through 1994-95, but Murphy’s more interested in the spaces beneath the headlines.
Choose a side! Cochran and Murphy continually demand. But, again, choosing a side isn’t as easy as Johnnie would have you believe. Murphy won’t let you remember Marcia Clark as the shrill, comically-unfashionable attorney the media made her out to be. Look beyond the Jheri-curl and find a limelight-adverse mother of two who just so happened to land the case of her life. A case, which you may or may not recall, dragged her into unbelievable scrutiny about her appearance, her body, her sexual past, and her sexual present. Would the public have examined a white and male attorney in the same way? (No.)

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