'Lady Dynamite' is the 'Arrested Development' follow up we deserve.

I feel like no one watched Lady Dynamite. At least no one I know. Regardless, the show is criminally underrated and worth a binge. Among Netflix original comedies, only Bojack tops it. 

I suspect that Lady Dynamite has a steep learning curve -- it's comic sensibilities are so unique and off-kilter, just like its star, alt-comedy ace Maria Bamford. But, the payoff for learning the rules of the show is incredibly rewarding. That's why we made the connect to Arrested Development. No one watched it, but people that did still swear by its forward-thinking brilliance.

Here's a snipped of my write-up. You can read the rest at Gradient.

Just as a traditional sitcom’s native tongue is found in its laugh track, the sight and sound gags of Lady Dynamite (like the unsettling smooth jazz music that plays whenever Maria and her fling perform fellatio) signal something in its universe. Netflix’s binge-ready structure starts a new episode as soon as the last one starts, and the credits hide musical numbers that call back older episodes. It’s a perfect system, because in Lady Dynamite you learn (and laugh) best through immersion.

Yo but really: watch Lady Dynamite.