12 of Donald Trump's Professional Athlete Endorsements, Ranked

A fun, silly list of all of the athletes stumping for Trump in one way or another. Here's my favorite excerpt:


10. Richie Incognito

Endorsement: "Let's make America great again!"

The Bills lineman was cut from his former team, the Miami Dolphins, when he left a brazenly racist voicemail for teammate Jonathan Martin, lined with racial slurs intended to motivate the “half-nigger piece of shit” to train harder. Incognito's message was somehow made worse by signing off with three simple words, “I’ll kill you.” This was the most jarring in a pattern of behavior littered with lame, offensive gay jokes and workplace bullying — all justified because hey, that’s what football players do! Like Incognito, Trump is no stranger to accusations of bullying. They’re both pros at letting people know they, too, have black friends. Check out Incognito in an interview with Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer (emphasis mine):

“This isn’t an issue about bullying... This is an issue of my and Jon’s relationship. This is an issue of my and Jon’s relationship. You can ask anybody in the Miami Dolphins locker room, ‘Who had Jon Martin’s back the absolute most?’ and they’ll undoubtedly tell you [that it was] me... The racism, the bad words … that’s what I regret most, but that is a product of the environment, and that’s something we use all the time.”

Shorter Richie Incognito: “The Blacks love me!”

The power rankings were an outgrowth of a more serious, sober look at the significant support Trump received from professional athletes past and present written on my sports newsletter, Foul and Fair.