Washington Post: I'm Lecrae's "friendly critic"

Very cool week or so in Bradford-land. First, the fine fellows at Christ and Pop Culture tasked me with covering Lecrae's latest album, Anomaly. TL;DR, the message was ambitious but the execution was uneven. More grateful than I can express for Rich Clark and the CAPC editing team. They are helping me become a better communicator with every interaction.

 Still luv u, 'Crae

Still luv u, 'Crae

My Anomaly review traveled farther than I expected. Sarah Pulliam Bailey of RNS wrote up a nice summary of Lecrae's recent success (Fallon Tonight performance, #1 on Billboard 200, etc.) that was syndicated in the Washington Post! My mom must be hella proud. All this while wifey and I were in the Bay Area on vacation! Talk about a working holiday.

Glad Sarah referred to me as a "friendly critic." I'm a Lecrae fan, and love what dude is accomplishing. I look forward to his endeavors while hoping for artistic growth.

Please don't hate me, Lecrae.