Social media ruined my attention span

So I made a website to develop my thoughts into something that won't shame me, or my employers. I use this place to blog out stuff my bosses won't publish but I'll give links and brief excerpts to the stuff I get paid for.

you're employed? lol

Blessings keep falling in my lap. I'm interning with False Start, Vocativ's sports vertical.

What's a Vocativ?

It's my job, don't sass me. Pronounced sorta like "provocative" but without all those pesky letters. Our sports coverage is less around telling you who won the game last night and always  "Why is the NBA brainwashing nineteen year olds with a misogynistic sex ed class?"

Before that, I was an associate editor at Gradient, a culture and news site. I write a lot about sports, entertainment, and identity politics (especially race). When those worlds collide -- I'm there, collecting the debris and examining it for the good of the people.

I've also done a lot of technical writing work because my snapback collection ain't paying for itself.

Why Machine Gun Raps?

Borrowing a phrase from the immortal Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, I'm hoping to use my site to share the occasional quick, compelling, sometimes obscure but hopefully meaningful thought. I wanna kill it career wise, but I never want to be so married to careerism that I lose my edge. Broad platforms are wonderful and important, but MGR is for my "[negroes] in the back" 

are you still talking

Damn son. I'm almost done.

I have a sports newsletter with the immensely talented Morgan Lee. It's called Foul and Fair. We examine social issues through the lens of sports. Sign up here!

I love the Lord Jesus Christ, excellent music, good books, competent sports teams, the New York Knicks, funny TV shows, sad movies, and my friends. I married my best friend.